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A Tesla Coil Demonstration with Sonic Performance
+ guest lecture by Josh Bailey and Patrick Herd

Friday, August 10th - 5:30pm, 2012
Atrium of the School of Architecture & Design, Victoria University of Wellington
139 Vivian St, Wellington, New Zealand

Victoria's School of Design invites you to a demonstration of PYRAMIDER, a Tesla coil capable of multi-metre electrical arcs and physical
effects under computer control. Tesla coils are one of prolific Serbian-American Nikola Tesla's more well known inventions, and have made
their way into popular culture - inspiring research and making welding machines easier to start, but also engendering many myths along
the way. This demonstration and lecture will include not only high voltage audio and visual effects, but will also cover some of the
interesting physics involved, some of the experimental research being done today including transmitting power without wires, and how to
make a Tesla coil of your own.

Musical Performances by Jack Hooker and Susan Chalmers.
Impromptu fluorescent tube spin performance by Jez Weston.
PYRAMIDER was built in Wellington by engineers Josh Bailey and Patrick Herd.

Event organised by Anne Niemetz, Josh Bailey, Dugal McKinnon; hosted by the School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington.

-> Watch the performance video on youtube

Photos By Shiping Toohey and Paul Hillier: