by Anne Niemetz 2013 <>
  Starship Pirouette is a wearable technology costume created by designer Anne Niemetz for the World of Wearable Art competition. The garment was amongst the finalists in the competition and presented at the WoW show 2013, September 26 to October 6 in the TSB Arena Wellington.

This prima intergalactic ballerina loves spinning, gliding and flying over the stage; she’s sometimes shy, but mostly an inquisitive cosmonaut who loves to show off her shiny tutu with the bright and blinking lights. She pirouettes, circles, journeys through space leaving dashes of colour in her path. The antenna bobs as she dances.

Thank you
Ian Yun Jeen Loh - 3D plans and fabrication, photography
Hadley Boks-Wilson - Arduino programming
Taylor - photo model
Millie - photo model
Michael McKinnon - production assistance
Rachel Hockin - fabrication assistance, photography
Shanshan Zhou, Szilard Ozorak - Photography
David Carleton - workshop support
Phil Nelson - CNC milling
Graeme Crawley, John Hawkins - Vaccum form modelling and support

A big thanks also to the supporting families of the models, and all other people that have helped create Starship Pirouette. Thank you Muse Amber Martin-van Velzen for triggering this idea.

Supported by Victoria University of Wellington