work by anne niemetz | project archive
I chaired the panel discussion at XXMT: Symposium for Women & Technology, New Zealand School of Music, 28.10.2017.

"Wowing with Wearables", C-Prize interview 2.10.2017, also featured on Idealog.

Exhibition of Drone Sweet Drone at the Ars Electronica Festival 2017 as part of the exhibition 'Feminist Climate Change - Beyond The Binary'.

The Wearable Technology video channel is featuring new 2017 projects created at the VUW School of Design.

Guest Lectures: U3A University of the Third Age, 4.8.2017. Callaghan Innovation’s “C-Prize Wearable Technology Seminar & Meetup” – Presentation and Panel, Wellington, 13.6.2017. Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz, 12.5.2017. Philips Eindhoven, 18.4.2017. Kunstschule Liechtenstein, Nendeln, 12.4.2017. Electric Fieldnotes talk series, Artengine, Ottawa, 30.3.2017. LASER presentation, UCLA Art|Sci Centre, 16.3.2017. UCLA Art|Sci Centre, 9.3.2017. ResBaz conference, Victoria University, 8.2.2017.