The Jolly Recycler    

The Jolly Recycler logo was designed by Anne Niemetz initially for a flag she made to adorn the Sentimental Plastics project container. This flag is fabricated from recycled plastic bag material.
The Sentimental Plastics project by Robert Appierdo and Morgan Barnard took place on Courtney Place, as part of the Wellington IntensCITY week from September 28th to October 7th, 2007. Rob and Morgan had installed their project in a shipping container there, and were busy with various projects having to do with the "upcycling" of used plastic bags.


  Later in 2007 the Jolly Recycler found its place on T-shirts of Wellington's sustainability network Intersect, and beautified the SuperSession 2007 festival poster for a good cause.  
Fabrication of the Jolly Recycler flag: after making a big white sheet of plastic and smaller green sheets by ironing bags together, the green logo was cut out and sewn on